What to do if you see "The system cannot be found" dialog.

If IPad is in Guided access mode triple click the home button Fig. 1. and input password. The password is 1234 or 123456 depending on IOS version of the Ipad.  This will disable 

Guided access and allow you to force close applications and check network settings. 

Fig. 1 Above     Fig. 2 Below

Step 1 Force Close the Application.

  1. Force close the Crestron app. When you double-click the Home button (Fig. 2.) , your recently used apps appear. 
  2. View your open apps. Double-click the Home button to show your most recently used apps. 
  3. Locate the Crestron App.
  4. Swipe up to close (Fig. 2). 
  5. Then Re- Launch the Crestron app.
  6. If the system still doesn't connect perform step 2

Step 2 Verify the WiFi Connection

        1. Press the Home Button and enter your pass code. (1234 for example)


    2. Press Settings Icon

3. Click on the appropriate Wi-Fi network.


Verify the iPAd is on the correct Wi-Fi Network and open the Crestron AP.  Occasionally an iPad or Crestron Processor 

Reboot is necessary.