Equipment: Manufacturer’s Warranties cover repair of specific equipment in an authorized service center for a period of twelve months. Manufacturer’s warranty does not include equipment de-installation, re-installation, transportation, or re-configuration. This service is chargeable at cost to the end user. Reasonable troubleshooting steps are to be performed by user on-site in conjunction with technical liaison. Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover equipment failure due to abuse, neglect, theft, loss, user error, user change, power failures, surges, natural disasters, or acts of God.

 Workmanship/Labor: Crescent Digital Installed systems have a twelve-month labor warranty covering all original installation labor services provided by Crescent Digital. Any defect related to the workmanship of installation by Crescent Digital would be covered under this warranty. The warranty period shall begin from the date of substantial completion or original target completion date.

Rates for Removal and Installation of Installed equipment


          Hourly Cost: $125 per hour per technician: Min. 4 Hours + Trip Charge

Example: 2 technicians (2 hours to de-install-2 to reinstall) 4 hours x($125)= $1000

            Trip Charge = Actual cost from nearest service center:

Example: 300 Miles @ $0.585 per mile ($175.50), Wheel Time x $40 Hour ($160), Parking $50, Shipping $50 = $435.50

            Service Charge = Total for service.

            Example: $1435.50



User will have the option to purchase additional coverage with a Maintenance Service Agreement which will cover all costs for the first year as well as for the term of that agreement. If such additional coverage is waived, then all service costs are applicable in the example above in the Service Limited Warranty Statement.