Service & Support Agreements

Optional Services

Facilities and IT departments don’t have the knowledge and expertise to support sophisticated AV Systems. Proper support and maintenance will guarantee you get the most return for you Audio Visual investment 

Our Level I Platinum and Level II Gold Service packages provide break/fix support, warranty services, preventative maintenance and Help Desk assistance to keep your company fulfilling its collaboration strategy.  

Benefits to You

Single Point of Contact:  One Crescent Digital contact for incidents and service requests, even when you have service tickets with more than one manufacturer

Responsive:  We can provide a high level of service, even as your vendors and technology change

Proactive:  Our standardized approach for AV and video collaboration addresses issues before you are affected

Flexible Engagement Options:  We’ll work with you remotely or onsite

We proactively preform preventative maintenance visits and
dispatch onsite support when needed.

Support for Every Need

Our Customer Care options include remote and onsite service resources that provide the help you rely on for AV and video systems to work as expected.  Our three primary service options are:

  • Time & Materials Only
  • Gold Level II 8/5: (8 hours per day/ 5 days a week)
  • Platinum level I 24/7: (24 hours per day/ 7 days a week)

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 Service and Support Features
T&M Only
Level II Gold
Level I Platinum
 24x7 Help Desk Support

8x5 Help Desk Support

Web Portal Access

Service Level Guarantee (see SLA by type)

Onsite Teck Dispatch
Billable at non-contract rates
√ Limited # of Site Visits-Billable at reduced contract rate

Assigned Service Management
Not available

Available Terms
√ 1 or 3 year
√ 1 or 3 year
In MFG Warranty Support
√ (Labor) Billable

Out of MFG Warranty Support

Standard Response Times
72 - 96 Hours
4 - 8 Hours
2 - 4 Hours
On-site Response
 1 -2 weeks on-site
24 to 48 on-site
8 to 24 on-site
Consumables Replacement

√ = Included in Agreement

Optional Services

Preventative Maintenance Visits:  offer the comfort of knowing installed technology is professionally maintained to ensure equipment runs as smoothly and effectively as when it was first installed.  Our onsite field technicians will perform regular testing, cleaning, and configuration validation based on a best-practices regimen to keep systems in optimal operating condition.  Visits can be scheduled on a Quarterly, Bi-Annual, or Annual basis with scheduling flexibility on a room-by-room basis.

The Support Process

To ensure your need for assistance is resolved as quickly as possible, we follow a process that tracks calls

 and guides them through steps that lead to a successful resolution.  Below is our three-tier process:

Tier 1 Help Desk
  • Log Call & Identify Coverage Level
Tier 2 Help Desk
  • Check equipment for status/errors
  • Perform root cause diagnostic
Tier 3 Help Desk
  • Perform diagnostics
  • Attempt Remote Repair
  • Escalate to Manufacturer
  • Adjust settings as required
  • Order replacement components (if applicable)
  • Work with Manufacturer
  • Escalate to Tier 2 (if required)
  • Schedule parts delivery
  • Implement Fix
  • On-site Service

  • Dispatch Technician
  • Close Case

  • Escalate to Level 3 if required

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